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Fraps Crack Torrent Final With Keygen [Windows + MAC]


Fraps Cracked

As you use your computer, there are some things that you wish you could be able to record at times. As a game player, you hit the best record or make a move that you wish you could record and show to your friends. Although you can record all these using a camera or your phone you might end up capturing so many unnecessary parts. You only need to capture your screen without capturing other parts such as keyboard and screen frame. Thus getting something that can record your videos and capture screenshots directly from your screen can be beneficial. Fraps Cracked is a program that enables you to record anything that appears on your screen without the need to use a camera. With this program, you can capture screenshots or videos depending on what you want. If you’re going to show a particular move to your friend you can take a video and if you only want to show them your top score you can just take a screenshot. You will be able to calculate the frame rate between any two points on your screen and also do custom benchmarking. The program is very applicable as it will support a wide range of systems. The program runs on Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10.

Fraps Cracked Key Features

Simple to use – For you to use Fraps you will not need to have any past knowledge on it. Immediately you download and install the software you start using it without having someone to take you through the program. There is nothing complicated or any technical process to follow for you to use the program. You only install it like any other software and then start using the software. To capture a screenshot or record a video you just click a button and then everything is done for you. The program will record your videos as you show your best moves on the game.

Split videos – If you want to record long videos then you shouldn’t worry. Recording extra-large videos can be inconvenient as sharing these videos can be hard, and you need to record your videos up to a certain size that is most convenient when it comes to sharing them maybe with your audience or friends. The record limit is 4GB per video so that you don’t send your audience something bulky. However, if you want to record something larger than this you don’t have to worry. This program will automatically split your videos when they reach 4GB and you can record as many of them as you want.

Record what you want – Not everything that appears on your screen you want. You will find not everything that is appearing on your screen you want to appear on your final video or picture. Maybe you are playing a game that is occupying only half of the screen, or you are creating a tutorial, and you have split your screen into two, and you just want to capture one side. Then all these are covered by Fraps. With this software, you only record what you want. It’s not a must you record the whole screen. You can record whatever is in your screen partly.

High-quality videos – If you record videos as tutorials for your channel then you need to make sure these tutorials are of high quality. If you help people on how to solve some issues, then you need to make sure your videos are excellent to beat the outside completion. There are many people like you who are offering the same services and giving high-quality videos. To overcome this competition, you need to give something that attracts your audience, and when they click to your video, they will not have to click the next one and leave your channel. Fraps Cracked helps you to record high-quality videos that will stand out. This software records precisely what is on your screen without interfering with that quality. If your computer has the best screen resolution and graphics, then it means your videos will be the best. You need to ensure the computer you are using has the best screen resolutions. No matter how good the software will be if your laptop has poor graphics then what you record will also be of low quality.

DirectX and OpenGL supported – If you love games then you already know most of the games use DirectX or OpenGL graphics. This means if you want to record a game that is running on these graphics you need to ensure the software you are using supports these graphics. Fraps support a wide range of graphics, and these are not exceptional. This enables you to record all your favorite games without any limitation. Just check what graphics make your game and then try using this software.

Audio sounds – If you create tutorials then you need to make sure your audience understands them well. The main aim of a tutorial is to guide or educate your audience on something, and you need to make sure they understand them on all means. Showing some steps on a video only won’t help them that much. You need to give some audio explanations also. You have to make sure these sound explanations match with steps so that you don’t confuse. The best thing is to record your audios as you show those steps in real time. Fraps allow you to record sounds on real-time ensuring they match with steps well so that the audience can understand your tutorials best.

What’s New?

– Updated programs with all bugs fixed

– The issue of Aero desktop fixed

System Requirements

– 32bit or 64bit operating system

– Windows Vista, XP, 10, 8.1, 8, or 7

– Pentium 4 processor or higher

How to activate Fraps Cracked?

– Download Fraps Cracked setup

– Extract the files and install the program

– Copy the crack key from your downloaded folder and paste it in the installation directory

– Restart your computer so that the program is functional

– Enjoy your cracked Fraps

With Fraps Cracked in your computer, you will record anything you want while maintaining those high-quality graphics.