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Microsoft Office 365 Free download full version with serial key


Microsoft Office 365 Free download full version with serial key

Microsoft Office 365 Free download full version with serial key is among the comprehensive tools in an office. It is commonly known as office 365. The main purpose of this tool is to activate different versions of Microsoft office 365. The tool makes it possible for professionals to create documents and presentations in an organized manner. It also facilitates access of internet services with Microsoft. Among the common applications with Microsoft office are outlook, OneNote, MS PowerPoint, Word, Access, Publisher, and Excel among others. The outlook is a task management feature in terms of contacts, calendar, emails, and tasks. Office 365 introduced a new feature known as Clutter. The feature is able to filter emails based on importance. It does observation of users actions like ignoring certain topics or giving much interest to certain emails.

In the aim of facilitating user, convenience is also the collaboration tools. The tool has been set as a means of meeting team and departmental needs. Among the tools in Skype business, Microsoft teams, OneDrive business, Yammer, Outlook online and share point online among others. Yammer is an exclusive feature that offers communication in a more organized manner. Office 365 education caters for all educational purposes. The program involves a number of Microsoft collaborations such as Windows live messenger, office live workspace, Microsoft outlook live, Windows live alerts, and Microsoft shared view Beta. Also has cloud storage. This platform your documents are safe for future use. Compatibility is also a major advantage. Now users can use Microsoft office applications from different devices like laptops, Android, PC, MacBook, Tablets among others. This is set to put an end to the limitation in terms of use.

Features of Microsoft Office 365 Free download full version with serial key

Office 365 Planner – In an aim to improve the office organization methods is the planner. The planner is a more enhanced way to organize collaboration at the office. This project management tool will help you and your colleagues share files, assign tasks, organize tasks and create plans. To facilitate all these is visual dashboards and email notifications. These features are set to ensure users enjoy the best of work flow. The manager or person in charge of assigning tasks will now do it comfortably and effectively. They can also monitor progress.

Microsoft Clutter feature – Emails are quite important. Actually, they are the formal means of written communication in an office. Office emails at all times need urgent attendance to. However, at times users may miss important mails. This is quite possible with marketing emails flooding. To ensure users always get important mails is the clutter. The clutter is a system that organizes emails according to priority. Based on your activity it will prioritize certain messages to appear first. Other emails are moved to the clutter.

Real-time Co-authoring – The feature will benefit working on projects. Normally colleagues in a department may work on a single project. However previously users had to wait for each one to finish their own unit. However, now colleagues can work together on a project. The co-authoring lets users collaborate online and are able to work on a file together. This is by saving it on SharePoint or OneDrive. Users will also be able to see any changes that are made by other colleagues on the project. This makes work easy.

Skype Chat office apps – Now it’s possible to keep constant communication with colleagues. The Skype feature allows users to share audio, video, screens and messages. This is even while working on the other Microsoft applications. The Skype feature is quite advantageous as it is compatible with phone, PC, and laptop. Even while chatting or on an online video other colleagues can continue working.

Power maps – Data is quite different from the Map. The map seems to be more interactive and understandable. This is actually because of the ability to visualize. Now the power map feature enables users to convert data into visualized and analyzed data. Users are able to convert data into an interactive map in 3D view. The feature also makes it possible for users to filter their data using advanced, rage or list filters. Data is more interactive using the power BI system that facilitates visualizing, analyzing and sharing.

Resume reading – At times working on documents may involve a lot of data. By having a single place to access your projects it becomes so limiting. Now the Microsoft office 365 introduces resume reading. The first exclusive ability is to access your work from anywhere using a different device. This means you can access your projects using different devices. Users also do not need to worry about losing content. The program saves your work and you can resume exactly from where you left off. In case you are reading word documents, the program bookmarks your last read page so you easily resume reading.

Inline – Reply email feature – To enhance a more efficient way to communicate users can reply emails even without opening new windows. In place is a reading plan that lets users preview the contents in the email. You can view already replied emails using the conversation view.

Worldwide access – Microsoft office 365 makes it possible to access all your files saved on the cloud. Users get to access files from any device connected to the internet. All office apps such as PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneDrive, Word can be accessed using a web browser.

System requirements

The supported operating system includes; Microsoft Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Random Access Memory free space of 512 MB.

The supported processor is the Intel processor 1.5GHz.

The hard disk free space is 2GB.

Office 365 product key is meant to bring much more convenience to office work. Now users can work on a single project simultaneously. Using the co-authoring function work can now be done more faster. Apart from time-saving it also saves on having to review work done. All colleagues will be notified on any changes done hence avoiding duplication of work. Microsoft clutter feature is another positive ability. Most times emails are flooded with marketing and spam emails. This at most times may cause users to miss on urgent and important emails. Especially in business accounts, you would not want this to happen. The clutter is now able to prioritize important emails that will appear first on your email account. Power maps is also another key feature. This feature enables users to display day inform of visuals. Actually, this method of very effective as presentations will make more sense as opposed to presenting data only. Resume reading will work for long distance business people. Sometimes you may not have your PC with you but you still need to work. This is no longer a problem with resume reading. This feature enables users to access their data from any device in any location. This feature seems to put an end to the location or device barrier. Users can work from anywhere. The connection us worldwide. Users can access any of their Microsoft data in any application. In terms of communication, skype office app enables colleagues to communicate effectively without having to move from one office to another.

Microsoft Office 365 product key


microsoft office 365 free download full version with serial key for windows 10