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Windows 7 Professional Product key 32/64- bit (Activation Code, Updated)


Windows 7 Professional Product Key Free 2022

Windows 7 Professional Product key 32/64- bit (Activation Code, Updated)

Product keys are very important as they facilitate registration of packages. Especially packages from Microsoft. Microsoft has a number of office packages making it a popular office application. Microsoft Windows 7 is among the most popular package by Microsoft. Even after an advanced version was launched Windows 7 still retains its popularity and use across the world. Microsoft has at all times remained to be the best in office applications. This is because of the new features as well as improvement made on previous editions.

Microsoft Windows 7 now has 6 editions introduced; Ultimate, startup, home basic, professional, home premium and enterprise. All these editions have gained use across all users around the globe. Windows 7 introduces a number of features. Among its new features is the HD support for movies and photo slide show functionality. Also, put in place is enhanced desktop navigation for image effects. Windows 7 professional product key is quite secure with now a firewall. A number of improved and office changes have been put in place. Now there is handwriting and touch recognition feature. Users will also enjoy much faster-enhanced performance made possible by the multi-core processor. Improvements have also been made on the toolbar. The old quick launch has been changed with a taskbar. The taskbar has in place the Jumplist that makes it easy for users to perform common tasks. Also, put in place for the purpose of file management is libraries. Using the libraries system users are able to aggregate various files to the folder they want. Users get to choose from various categories such as music, video, documents, and pictures.

 Also added is the new home networking system feature. It is known as the home group. Using this feature you can be added to the network by entering the password. Upon confirmation, they are able to share their file and folders to other devices connected in the home group. However, it’s impossible to access all these features without a product key. The product key is the 25 character code that is used to activate Windows packages. Users need to enter a genuine product key for their packages to be activated. During the installation of windows 7 users require to key in the product key for the purpose of activation. When you enter the keys Microsoft will confirm and your Microsoft Windows 7 will be ready for use.

Features of Windows 7 professional product key?

Taskbar/start menu – While looking directly at the menu you will not see much change. However, the menu is more advanced with aero technology. A new feature you will note is the appearance of all open word documents on the taskbar. By moving the mouse along the taskbar, the windows documents open are visible in the thumbnail. By simply a simple right click on the mouse users is directly sent to recent documents. Users are also able to pin applications of their choice on the taskbar. Also notable on the start menu is a right arrow that makes it possible to expand. Users will also be able to see all the recently open documents.

Desktop slideshow – The windows 7 product key has in place a new desktop slideshow that causes desktop wallpaper to change periodically. Users who like to customize will enjoy this feature. The changes on the desktop wallpaper appear based on the user-defined interval. The slideshow offers users the ability to customize on slideshows. On the windows, the registry is able to decide on the transition duration by setting the interval of desktop wallpaper. The desktop slideshow is quite unique and offers support for all images by RSS and all local images.

Customization- users can enjoy Windows 7 in the look they prefer. It’s now possible to customize on chrome color as well as the interface. Users can make changes to movie cursors, icons, sound schemes, and desktop background. Also in place is a wide collection of cabinet files that involves theme resources such as sound schemes, color preference, desktop icons, mouse cursors, and background images. Users are able to share themes using the new theme extension platform. RSS feeds is in place that facilitates viewing of desktop wallpapers. Also included are a number of new themes such as nature, landscapes, characters, architecture, and scenes.

Federated search – Windows 7 via the Windows Explorer now has support for federated search. This is from the external data sources. They include; custom databases and web services. It is described as an Open search. Users are able to query their data search via Windows Explorer. Federated search functions with thumbnails and previews Windows explorer.

Various shell enhancements – A number of change has been made on the functionality of the Windows Explorer. It’s now possible to resize the search box and the address bar. It’s also possible to reduce clutter by hiding user profile folders and the desktop folder in the provided navigation pane. The content view is in place that allows users to view important data and thumbnails. Create a new folder button has been moved to the toolbar from the organize menu.

Windows 7 Professional Product key 32/64- bit (Activation Code, Updated)

Windows 7 Professional Product key


System requirements

The recommended processor is 1GHz.

Required Random access memory free space is 1 GB.

Required hard disk free space is 16GB.

Graphics card of 1 GB is required.

Steps to activate?

Download the Windows 7 professional product let setup.

Get the files named WinRAR by extraction.

Start installation while running as an administrator.

Copy the keys and paste in the installation directory to activate.

Microsoft Windows remains a superior tool in terms of office tasks. This has been made possible by the presence of various features that support different data management. Windows 7 has been in the industry for a while now however it still remains a favorite office tool for many users. This has been made possible because of the efficiency that is made possible by Windows 7. To start of is the taskbar menu. The menu is quite easy for use. An important feature put in place is the ability to right click and directly moved to the documents. In case of having a favorite application, you can pin in on the taskbar. If you always work with Word it becomes easy to go directly and start a project. Customization is also another key feature that comes with Windows 7.

It’s always important to let users make a decision on how the applications look. It also gives users freedom in their space. While using this software you can customize on a number of things such as; icons, cursor, sound schemes, and even desktop background. If you have a favorite color you can customize the color of the application. There is also the chance to view desktop made possible by the presence of RSS feeds. This way you also decide on what background fits your type of work. Enhancements have been made giving users the ability to reduce the address bar and search box. There is also a navigation pane that allows users to hide clutter. The features definitely improve the look as well as the efficiency of moving from one task to another without major challenges. There is the presence of federated search allowing users to query search using windows explorer applications. You will also note changes on the toolbar section.

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